Why Cleft New Zealand needs financial support

Feedback from our recent survey has highlighted, that our members feel that we seek financial support from time to time, without a concrete explanation on what the money will be used on. Fair enough. And so in an effort to be transparent, we felt we ought to share a few figures with you.

The reality is, whilst we do need money to undertake new projects, we need money first of all to support our day to day operations to ensure that Cleft New Zealand remains to be here whenever anyone needs us. So please see below our projected 2013 running expenses for our day to day operations. This expenditure is annual expenditure incurred before we even begin to look at new projects.

Day to Day forecast outgoings 1 Feb 2013 – 31 January 2014 (some figures have been estimated).
Website maintenance, updates – $681
Legal Costs – Auditing – $498
Compliance Costs/AGM – $800
Arm Splint Production – $250
Insurance – $489
Communications – $1,200
Phone Book Directory Listing – $189
Postage – $500
Print Materials – $500
Air Travel – $1,500
Volunteer Expenses – $1,000
Wages – $6,240*
Total forecast expenses for day to day operations: $13,847.
Total income for 2012/13 year: $6,103
Forecast deficit for 2013/14 year: $7,744

*Wages are not currently paid using donor money.

And so what do we actually do for that amount of money?

We do lots behind the scenes day-to-day that you may not even have thought about. Here are just a few examples:

– Run the 0800 support line so that everyone with an interest in cleft has somewhere they can turn to
– Administer the world’s leading cleft information website
– Administer two Facebook communities for our members and for the general public
– Produce Word of Mouth magazine to ensure that all those affected by cleft are au fait with current developments in the field
– Liase with all the medical units to send and receive referrals
– Advocate with medical units to ensure the best and most comfortable care is being received by all in New Zealand regardless of geographic location
– Provide free education and resources to related health professionals such as Speech-Language Therapists or Midwives
– Attend national and international conferences and constantly push for NZ to be adopting International Best Practice in all areas of cleft care
– Follow up individual cases with the medical system on your behalf
– Manufacture and supply arm splints
– Create and supply resources such as the Blue Book and Clancy Has A Cleft
– Liase with sister support groups in NZ and cleft support groups overseas to ensure that cleft is represented nationally and that New Zealand is represented at cleft events internationally
– Research new innovations in cleft care, ensure that our publications (including our website) are up to date and leading at a world standard
– Support (both financially and with personnel) leading national and international research into causes and prevention of Cleft Lip and Palate

Whilst we are actively working on securing new revenue streams to meet these expenses, as well as reducing costs where possible, we are still reliant on support from our community. We don’t currently charge a membership fee, or for resources such as the Blue Book which are provided to you free of charge, but if you are in a position to support Cleft New Zealand financially, it would be much appreciated. If you have any queries about this information please email info@wptst.cleft.org.nz. Any projects we may run in the 2013/14 year will be additional to the expenses listed here.

To make a donation now, please visit www.faceit.org.nz/donate.