Cleft New Zealand to attend Multicentre Outcomes project for Australasia Conference

Great news – Cleft NZ is pleased to announce that we have, after some strong advocacy from our professional colleagues in NZ and the Cleft NZ Board, received a late invitation to the Australasian Cleft Meeting being held in Sydney over the coming weekend.

It is generally agreed that a Multicentre Outcomes project for Australasia is well overdue. The Sydney meeting is specifically geared towards establishing the scope and design elements of this collaborative project. Cleft NZ appreciate the complexities of launching such a project – including issues related to resourcing centres for such a study and the logistics involved in engendering co-operation from multiple Cleft centres and then collecting, collating and communicating findings as required to make an impact on outcomes for people living with CL&P. It won’t happen overnight!

Professionals from NZ and Australia will be in attendance discussing and presenting findings from preliminary studies which have already taken place. Dr Peter Fowler will present on the audit he has completed from an NZ perspective and Dr John Thompson will present on the Statistical Considerations of a multicentre study. Kenny Ardouin has been selected to represent Cleft NZ which is only fitting given his hard work and dedication to Cleft NZ and his constant and unwavering commitment to the cause. He will ensure that Cleft NZ is represented and will report back his experience.

It is worth noting that resources in any publicly funded medical field are not limitless. The Sydney meeting will acknowledge and expose not only the possibilities but the limitations of Cleft resources in the field of research. Cleft NZ holds, as one of our longer-term goals, a hope that we will one day be able to help fund research or at the very least continue to support our allied medical professionals and advocates to attend events such as this to stay ‘in the loop’ with current project activity. We have supported John Thompson on this occasion, and of course, Kenny, to attend this event.

Louise Ayrey