Support MPD staff Movember campaign

We would like to thank the Staff of MPD group who have chosen to support Cleft NZ with their Movember campaign. We really appreciate it!

“We chose Cleft NZ to support with the Movember campaign because our boss, Mick and his family, have benefitted from your service. We felt that we wanted to give back and say thank you for all the support and help that they received when Max was born”, says Bianca from MPD group.

It is our pleasure to support families like, Mick, Jacqui and Max.This is the stuff that makes Cleft NZ buzz – happy healthy kids and supported families. We had to show off, gorgeous Max.  He is now 7 months old and has had his first lip repair, he is looking more like his twin bro. Well done Jacqui and Mick to have such a happy and contented boy.    We are impressed by your staff’s comittment to Movember but Mick don’t make Bianca grow a mo!

If you would like to support the generous team at MPD group, fill out the form to sponsor their Movember campaign.   Cheers 🙂 from all of us.

It’s the beginning of Movember
Life is good!