Changes to Facebook Pages

Following an internal discussion and new statistical information received from Facebook, to serve the cleft community better, we have decided to make a couple of changes to our Facebook community pages. We previously had the following three pages:

  • Cleft NZ Kids and Teens (Designed for use by our youth members, although open to the public)
  • FaceIt: Cleft NZ Incorporated (Designed for use by members of the parent community only, members must be approved to join)
  • Cleft NZ Causes (Designed for anyone, open to the public)

However, we have found through information released to us from Facebook, that the actual demographics using each of the pages is quite a bit different to our initial intentions when we set up these pages a few years ago. Therefore, we have changed the name of one of our groups, and slightly altered the intended audiences to fit better with the actual audiences that are using all of our pages, and to maximise the opportunity to engage with everyone who shows an interest in our organisation – please see below for the new format.

  • Cleft New Zealand (Available for use by anyone with an interest in cleft in NZ, friends, family, youth, medical professionals, students, media etc. – open to the public. Will also be our main avenue on Facebook for advertising Cleft NZ information and activities – accessible at
  • FaceIt: Cleft NZ Incorporated (Available for use by members only, including the parent community, as well as those growing up or have grown up with a cleft. Not available to non-members or members who have a solely professional interest in cleft, members must be approved to join – accessible at
  • Cleft NZ Causes (Available to anyone, open to the public – this page remains unchanged)

These changes will not affect any existing users of any of the pages. We take this opportunity to remind you that our Facebook community is an online community to share lived experience and does not take the place of professional advice. Cleft NZ cannot guarantee the validity of the information found there. If you need specific advice please contact your cleft team health professional. Please note that the views expressed there are those of our members and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Cleft New Zealand unless otherwise stated.