4Good does good for Cleft NZ!

Charities helping charities. This is exactly what the 4Good charity is all about. Based in Tauranga, 4Good encourages members of the public to donate just $4 a month to the 4Good charity, and then each month it donates 100% of the proceeds to a New Zealand charity. Which charity that the money is to go to each month is determined by a public vote. I am pleased to report that Cleft New Zealand won the public vote in May, and received $1,304 from 4Good which will make a significant difference and help us to kickstart some exciting projects here at Cleft New Zealand. Thank you to all the team at 4Good, their generous donors and to the New Zealand public for voting for Cleft New Zealand – we look forward to reporting back on how we have utilised the money.

More info on 4Good is available at www.4good.org.nz.

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